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Petrocaribe seeks creation of petrochemical network in the hemisphere

Maracaibo.- Vice-Minister of Petrochemicals and Refining and Pequiven Chairman Saúl Ameliach, in representation of the Petrochemical taskforce of the 5th Petrocaribe’s Summit, introduced to the Ministerial Council the findings of the surveys into the industry’s development in Central America and the Caribbean.

Ameliach explained that the potential of this area in the region was ascertained, in addition to the implementation of refining downstream projects in Nicaragua, the setup of a petrochemical center in Cienfuegos Refinery in Cuba, and production of petrochemical byproducts in the rest of Petrocaribe’s member states.

Further, he briefed on the headway made at Paraguaná Refining Center, western Falcón state, concerning manufacturing of plastic resins, methanol, caustic soda and fertilizers, which will favor agriculture and lessen the impact of the world food crisis.

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