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Petrocaribe was born on June 29th, 2005, after the Energy Cooperation Agreement signed by 14 Caribbean nations during the First Energy Meeting of Heads of State / Government of the Caribbean on Petrocaribe. Today, this regional integration initiative has 18 countries grouped by solidarity and inspired by the independence and sovereignty of peoples.

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Antigua y Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda Honduras
Bahamas Bahamas Jamaica Jamaica
Belice Belize Nicaragua
Cuba Cuba República Dominicana Dominican Republic
Dominica Dominica San Cristobal y Nieves Saint Kitts and Nevis
Granada Grenada San Vicente y las Granadinas Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Guatemala Santa Lucía Saint Lucia
Guyana Guyana Surinam Suriname
Haiti Venezuela Venezuela
Sitio oficial de Petrocaribe
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